An international competition for students in architecture, planning and design

Igloo Habitat & Architecture Association (Asociaţia Igloo Habitat şi Arhitectură) for *2031 NOW_our cities in 10 years, *an international competition for students in architecture, planning and design Envision /our cities in 10 years/ is the aim and the invitation of the international competition for students in architecture launched on the 11^th  of November 2021 by Globalworth Foundation and Asociaţia Igloo Habitat şi Arhitectură (Igloo Habitat & Architecture Association). The international jury, that will be soon announced, include notable planners, architects and organizers representatives. Prizes of 11,000 Euro make the competition even more attractive.

Competitors from Poland and Romania are invited to develop a city vision in which spaces can act as enhancer of better places for both direct users and nearby community. This will be illustrated for a generic piece of land, with 20,310 square meters surface (2,031ha). The theme invites participants to insert in the given city part mix use buildings, spaces for community, parks, infrastructure all connected in a new vision that is buildable in 2031.

Best designs will be virtually illustrated in University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” Bucharest (UAUIM) High Tech Learning Center that offers an advanced Visualization Lab. The competition catalogue will be published one year after launching.

Why? Urban Planning, Architecture and Design professionals and students in these domains are facing now – especially in 2021, in a post COVID-19 reality – the challenge to design better places for people to live, work, share and connect.

Where? In any city of today or tomorrow, space acts as unifying element and transformations need to be modelled though visionary and creative ideas. A demanding task is to imagine and shape how our cities will be in 10 years from now. The new city spaces, in spite of social distancing and adaptive uses, demand visionary scenarios such to respond best and accommodate new conditions.

What? “2031 NOW_our cities in 10 years” is an international idea competition that relies on of the fact that spaces continue to be shared in an accelerated progress world. How shared spaces and places reconnect in all these circumstances is a fertile designing matter and a deep responsibility for us all.

How? Visions and anticipation are the way we model our future. The international competition fosters attention on city spaces that include and involve community, aiming to direct the creative interest in designing better places.

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More information at: moc.w1638505021on13016385050212@emo1638505021clew1638505021 as non-public information, available only for the use of partners

About Globalworth Foundation in Romania and Poland

The Globalworth Foundation was established in 2018 and is responsible for overseeing the various CSR initiatives of Globalworth. This organization is wholly owned by the Group, is a non-profit entity and operates independently of the commercial activities of Globalworth. The Foundation invests in the communities in which Globalworth operates, focusing on the development of projects which deliver public benefit. These projects are approved by the Foundation’s Trustees and receive funding from the Globalworth group.

The Foundation supports projects financed and implemented with other significant NGOs, based our three strategic pillars: People, Places, and Technology.

About Asociaţia Igloo Habitat şi Arhitectură (Igloo Habitat & Architecture Association)

Founded in 2008, Igloo Habitat & Architecture Association aims to contribute to the articulation of a coherent public space, through activities (events, editorial and cultural projects) aimed at raising the standards of visual culture in a society that is still looking for its landmarks. In the field of architecture and urban policies. The association has so far carried out successful projects, with themes in the fields of architecture, heritage, design and urban culture, constantly addressing not only the guild of architects, but also a wider audience, with concerns in the cultural sphere.

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