“What does hear the river?” exhibition

“What does hear the river?” exhibition

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A spatial architectural installation What does hear the river? was opened in the CUT Gallery GIL on the 14th April 2014 at 18:00. The installation was opened by the President of the GIL Gallery Artistic Programme Board – prof. Stefan Dousa and by the Vice-Dean of the CUT Faculty of Architecture dr. Rafał Zawisza. Professor Gregory Spaw introduced the audience into the subject matter of the workshop and the idea of the installation. The stages of the installation development were presented in the form of a poster, which showed both its conceptual and technical or computer-related aspects. The event attracted a large number of students, academic staff and visitors from outside the faculty. Due to the high level of interest in the installation, the exhibition was prolonged until the 5th May 2014.

The presented installation is the result of the “in[formational] infrastructures” workshop, which involved measuring the noise level in the area of the Vistula river corridor in Kraków. The noise volume levels have been visualised for two types of acoustic pollution: vehicle and railway traffic, measured during the day and at night. The next stage was discussion, material testing and making preliminary physical models, which resulted in a virtual model developed with the use of software for parametric design. The model was subsequently transformed into an installation featuring a number of places on the Vistula in the form of cross-sectional representations shown on transparent boards. The volume of noise has been visualised in the form of a three-dimensional structure blending in with the river.

The workshop was organised by the Imago Students’ Research Society at the Division of Descriptive Geometry, Technical Drawing and Engineering Graphics (A-43). The workshop supervisor was dr. Farid Nassery, in collaboration with Szymon Filipowski, M.Arch., and Rafał Zieliński, M.Arch. Student coordinators were Ewa Sroczyńska, B.Arch., and Piotr Pasierbiński, B.Arch. The participants were students of Cracow, Wrocław and Silesian Universities of Technology.

The main part of the workshop was conducted by professor of architecture Gregory Spaw of Tennessee University in Knoxville. Professor Spaw is a graduate of Kansas State University (Bachelor of Architecture) and Harvard University School of Design (Master’s degree). He taught at Boston Architectural College, worked in design studios: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Preston Scott Cohen Inc., Asymptote in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Seoul, Athens and Brussels with LA.SSA. He is a prize winner in the annual competition organized within the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Programme in Queens, New York ( in 2009). At present he is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Tennessee and a co-owner of the SHO design studio.

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