The 1st International Cracow Seminar On Urban Spaces

Department of Urban Spaces, Institute of Urban Design on Faculty of Architecture is kindly inviting for participation in I International Cracow Seminar on Urban Spaces, which will be held 13th of March 2015 in the main room of Institute of Urban Design (Cracow, Podchorążych St.1, 2nd floor, room number 215).

The Seminar is entitled:




The application deadline is 05th of March 2015. To apply, please send the email to the following address: The participation is free of charge.

The condition of contemporary urban space is the result of the coexistence of many factors.

The life organization of a given community and its cultural achievements are recorded permanently in space. But the shape of this space is too often beyond our control because of the dynamics of change through time in our civilization.

If we understand our professional commitment to urbanization (Urbanizatión) which was defined by I. Cerdà as the science which protects us from chaos, then it involves a constant questioning of the actual          results of our efforts and our conscious interventions in urban space. The term conscious refers to the efforts of an organized community, based on established methods and a range of activities so that it becomes an important cultural endeavour.

In today’s world it is important to examine the urban tradition and modernity through two complementary dimensions. The first dimension is the established legislation, its evolution and the practice of its implementation. The second dimension is that of the cultural elements and scope of the customs and beliefs that reflect the value system adopted by a community and the resulting informal activities which result in legislative changes.

With modern trends of globalization the need to compare the different     traditions of    urban planning is especially important.

In Europe, which is constantly re-establishing the relationship between the different levels of its integration and which is in the process of becoming aware of the different relationships between the global and the local, this comparison is extremely important.

That is why we are having this meeting.

Assoc.Prof.,DSc,.PhD.,Arch. Anna Agata Kantarek

publication date: 31-03-2015    edit: 31-03-2015


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