XI-th International Conference NBTAD

Institute of Construction Design, Faculty of Architecture CUT, Section of Construction,  Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, Polish Academy of Science, Cracow Chapter and WIETE – World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education organized in Cracow  XI International Conference NBTAD on 13-14th October2016.The conference concerned the issues related to new building technologies in architecture and landscape architecture, and processes and methods of education of architects and engineers.

The aim of the conference was to exchange views and experiences on the use of modern building technology in Poland and abroad. There were presented the latest achievements in theoretical research and experience of design and execution, and broad and open discussion on them. The conclusions of the discussions were to support in one hand, professional practice, and on the other to indicate the directions of research. Another important aim of the conference was to disseminate the presented issues among practitioners, engineers, designers and contractors. Education of architects and engineers was also an important objective of this conference.

Conference was accompanied by the exhibitions: “student contest to design energy-efficient single-family residential building” and “International Cooperation  of the Institute of Construction Design, Faculty of Architecture CUT.”

We invite you for the next edition of the conference.

publication date: 14-02-2017    edit: 14-02-2017


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