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We would like to inform that at the Faculty of Architecture of Cracow University of Technology the activity of Summer School of Faculty of Architecture CUT has been started. The main purpose of the Summer School is to support the didactic and scientific formula of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology based on the achievements of individual faculties and the practical and theoretical achievements of its staff. The profile of the Summer School is to respond to the needs of the market of architectural offices in Poland and their expectations in relation to the quality of teaching  at FA CUT. The aim of Summer School is to deepen and continue the long-standing contacts of FA CUT staff with domestic and foreign academic centers and to maintain cooperation with their lecturers.

Classes in the Summer Schools are an extension of teaching process at Polish and foreign faculties of architecture. The basic formula of the course is thinking about the problems of contemporary architecture and urban planning, as well as the understanding and interpretation of substance of architecture. In the workshop system of the Summer School, we provide the support realized by lectures and presentations of professors from Polish and foreign academic centers, experienced architects, industry representatives, technologists,

The subject of all editions of Summer Schools WA PK is the slogan Architecture as an experience.

term: 16-27.07.2018
venue:  Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology

Detailed schedule soon on the website

publication date: 27-01-2018    edit: 29-01-2018


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