International Cooperation

The Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology offers multidirectional cooperation with numerous foreign universities. It includes exchange of students and educational workers, shared research, organization of design workshops, meetings of seminar character, exhibitions and conferences.

At our Faculty, one of the oldest elements of the programme of student exchanges with foreign universities is “ Programme Tennessee” commenced in 1992 owing to an agreement on cooperation signed by Cracow University of Technology and the College of Architecture and Design, University of Tennessee. In mid-February, 10-15 architecture students from the state university with its seat in Knoxville come to Krakow to learn in the summer semester. The same number of students from our Faculty go to learn for one semester in the United States. Polish students are included in the teaching programme binding at the University of Tennessee – apart from a high general average and a high average for design subjects, the necessary condition is the mastery of English.

The choice of the summer semester (academic classes finish in May) enables the Polish students to prolong their stay in the United States and to get professional experience at offices in New York, Chicago, Boston and other American cities which is facilitated by the student visa for holiday architectural internships. A lasting effect of the exchange, besides new friendships and various interesting experiences, is also extensive photographical documentation and collections of travelling sketches used later at exhibitions, in reports and articles published in architectural periodicals and presented at sessions of scientific circles.

Considering the students’ interest in overseas studies, the CUT Faculty of Architecture has recently signed a new agreement on cooperation with the Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University in Toronto. The first edition of exchange is expected in the academic year 2005/2006.

Programme Socrates/Erasmus opens the possibility of spending one semester at partner European universities for the FA CUT students. In the years 2000-2005, the number of the Faculty’s bilateral contracts with Western European schools of architecture increased from several to almost thirty. The students of the curriculum Architecture and Urban Design can apply for a trip to Austria (Vienna, Graz), Denmark (Copenhagen, Horsens), France (Paris, Grenoble), Spain (Madrid, Valencia), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Weimar, Cottbus, Aachen, Bochum, Coburg, Frankfurt, Hildesheim, Cologne, Munster, Trier, Dresden, Berlin, Braunschweig, Kaiserlautern), Portugal (Colvilha), Great Britain (Manchester) and Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome), whereas the students of the curriculum Landscape Architecture – to Germany (Dresden, Osnabrück, Kaiserlautern), Sweden (Uppsala) and Italy (Turin).

In order to receive one out of a hundred vacancies as a result of qualification, a candidate must at least complete the first three semesters, have a high average, both in design subjects and in general as well as a very good knowledge of the foreign language required by a given partner university. Many students who took part in Programme Socrates/Erasmus prepare their diplomas “under double supervision”, i.e. under the guidance of a professor from our Faculty and one from a European partner university. Some take up complementary studies and receive a diploma from foreign universities apart from the FA CUT diploma.

Let us emphasize the fact that the number of foreign students who arrive in Krakow to study within Programme Socrates/Erasmus rises every year. The offer of studies in English meant for them also provides for integration with the Polish students: exchanging opinions and experiences from various architectural schools, establishing contacts which may result in future professional cooperation.

Apart from one-semester sojourns, our students can participate in international design workshops, such as “Munster – Krakow – Delft” with its long tradition. The theme of yearly research workshops is always a conceptual design of reviving interwar objects designed by outstanding architects in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland – they need a new utilitarian formula matching modern times. The themes of the workshops included modernizing “The Artists’ House” in Łobzowska St. in Krakow, Palaise Thurn und Taxis in Frankfurt, Germany, or the former Haavensilo in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We also organize workshops related to scientific cooperation with the University of Venice or the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation – an international organization related to the promotion of culture and science – in Florence.

In relation to Poland’s entry to the European Commonwealth, the Faculty of Architecture prepares programmes and events accessible in English for foreign and Polish students alike in accordance with the educational policy of Cracow University of Technology. For several years, the Faculty’s educational offer has included extracurricular subjects, design workshops and lectures delivered by foreign guests as well as selected design subjects with accompanying lectures delivered by the FA CUT professors.


publication date: 09-07-2014    edit: 09-03-2015