Konkurs fotograficzny dla studentów i doktorantów Changing Times – Changing Spaces


The ARL is an independent, non-partisan institution for the spatial sciences under public law, situated in Hanover, Germany. As a Leibniz institution, it is funded jointly by the Federal Government and the federal states due to its supraregional significance and its work in the interest of national science policy.

We believe that numerous challenges such as climate change have spatial impacts and require global and cooperative approaches, for this purpose we are currently developing our new virtual interactive knowledge and communication platform which aims to raise the ARL’s international profile, providing access to the Academy’s work internationally and serving as an information, knowledge and exchange platform for spatial planning professionals. The launch is scheduled for September 2021 and an interim website can be accessed via the following link: ARL International (arl-international.com)

On the occasion of the launch of our new interactive knowledge and communication platform, the ARL is organising a free, non-commercial photo contest titled “Changing Times – Changing Spaces” open to everyone. The ARL is looking for your personal view on how spaces change over time – a multifaceted theme on which your personal impressions, illustrations and ideas, but also your criticism and perspective on contradictions will be welcomed. To participate and find further information please follow the link: “Changing Times – Changing Spaces” – ARL International (arl-international.com)

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